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For married and unmarried couples creating families, Heidi provides:

For evolving and traditional families in need of extra support:

In addition to serving the needs of traditional families, the needs of non-traditional and same gender families in North Carolina should be addressed when considering a long-term relationship, due to the limited protection available to them. Despite the recognition of marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples, issues affecting your family are far from settled. In fact, the recent Supreme Court decision has created more questions that it has answered, especially where LGBT parentage is concerned. To protect your family and document your intent, Heidi provides a full spectrum of protective legal services and guidance to same sex couples. Documents which may be considered by individuals and couples include:

In addition, same sex married families already parenting children may be advised to consider:

Asheville LGBT Family Law Attorney Heidi Stewart

Heidi Stewart’s law practice surrounds issues and legal needs affecting traditional families, LGBT families, and young families interested in creating healthy, long term relationships with their lawyer. To fulfill this goal, Heidi provides a full range of family planning services, including estate planning, business planning, and assistance with aging family issues.

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Family Law

Family Law Matters

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