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For many, giving birth to a child may not be a possibility and Adoption may be the only avenue available to them. Types of Adoption available to individuals and couples in North Carolina include private, foster care, and agency based adoptions.

1. Private Adoption

The mother and father of a baby may choose to relinquish their child, for various reasons, after the baby is born. The mother can initiate the process of finding the adoptive parents or an agency, for purposes of placement, during her pregnancy.

2. Foster Care Adoption

Each county in North Carolina has a Department of Social Services that provides or arranges for adoption services. In addition to the public agencies, there are private agencies that are licensed by the N.C. Division of Social Services to provide adoption services. For more information, see:

3. Agency Adoption

You may choose to work with a public or private adoption agency (licensed agencies in N.C.).

a. Public agencies provide adoption services at no cost to the applicant if he or she is interested in children in the foster care system.

b. Private agencies are either nonprofit or for-profit and operate on a fee for service basis. The fee is paid by the adoptive parents except in cases where the agencies are contracting with the Division of Social Services to provide services at no cost to families interested in children in the foster care system. Private agencies are required to provide a written statement of their services and you may request this information from the agency.

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