Veterans’ Benefits


Careful planning, whether in advance or in response to an unanticipated need for care, can help protect your estate, whether for your spouse or for your children. Veterans may also seek benefits from the Veterans Administration. The needs of Veterans for long term care, may include a wide range of services, including help with everyday tasks and/or support for managing a major disability or illness. Services may need to be provided for an extended period when someone is not able to do everyday tasks by his or her self. Long term care services may be provided in many different types of settings, such as a person’s home, community sites, residential settings, and nursing homes. These services may also include support for family members or other caregivers who help people who are ill or disabled.

You may be able to pay for long term care services through VA, Federal and State programs (Medicare and Medicaid), and through insurance or your private funds. Your eligibility for long term care services, provided in any long term care setting, will be determined based on your need for ongoing treatment, personal care, and assistance, as well as the availability of the service in your location. Other factors, such as financial eligibility, your service-connected (VA disability) status, insurance coverage, and/or ability to pay may also apply.

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